Content, as we all know, is king. Businesses need good content on their websites and blogs to demonstrate their expertise and entice more customers.

But surprisingly, few businesses take time out to consider their content strategy. They then miss out completely on displaying their competitive edge, and ultimately fail to convert leads into valued customers.

Content strategy is about taking a step back, understanding your target audience, planning your content campaign that speaks directly to them, and thus turning them into (hopefully returning) customers.

How it works:

The content strategy process begins with a chat.  Either face-to-face or in person, I’ll get to know your objectives and core values into a comprehensive strategy following the following process:

1. Getting to know your business

By delving into your business goals, company values, stumbling blocks and industry challenges, together we’ll get a head-start in developing a content strategy specific to you and your needs.

2. Developing a persona

Before we even get to the planning stage, I’ll help you develop a customer persona, an invented 3D person who represents your target audience. This will help us to develop the kind of content that’ll speak directly to your audience, and will be more likely to hook them in.

3. Competitor research

In order to fit your content in with your industry, a bit of snooping goes a long way. I’ll look into what kind of content your competitors are creating, where they’re doing well, and where they’re falling short. This insight will help us make decisions about what we want to achieve and how to get the competitive edge.

4. Creating a content calendar

Once the research is done, I can draw up a content calendar which fits in with your work load, and will suggest content subjects for you to write, or write them myself – the choice is yours!

5. Content creation

Content creation can mean anything from writing blog posts, sourcing images, developing “premium” downloads, managing email marketing campaigns or writing website copy.  I’ll help you follow your content calendar by ensuring your content is produced to an excellent standard within the expected time-frame.

6. Content promotion

Now you’ve created your content, it’s time to promote it to the world! I’ll help you develop your social media strategy by setting up automation tools, expanding your following and getting your content amplified on your social media platforms.

7. Monitoring and reporting

Creating content is one thing, but it’s important to know how well it’s doing for our business. I’ll help you to pin-point the objectives for your content. Whether it’s there to increase visitors to your website, enquiries or sales, or just to increase your brand awareness, I’ll help you to monitor your content’s performance in a meaningful way.

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