When writing copy, whether for the web or in print, it’s easy to get so immersed in what we’re writing that we overlook the mistakes. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it!

A fresh set of eyes (hi there!) will pick out the typos, the grammatical inconsistencies and misspellings, allowing you to rest assured that your good work is presented at its best.

Proofreading vs Copyediting

Proofreading is the correcting of small errors within in an edited final draft. These errors might include typos,  errors in spelling and punctuation, and incorrect use of English.

Copywriting goes one step further. Not only is the copy proofread, but the style and wording is given attention to ensure consistency of the meaning.

How it works

A conversation with you, whether on the phone or in person will allow us to discuss your needs. You may simply need small errors correcting, or more substantial copy editing work.  We’ll discuss your house writing style if you have one, and the tone at which you’re pitching your copy.

Whilst our initial discussions will inform the extent of the work, the editing and proofing process requires a certain amount of contact to ensure that you’re happy with the changes I’m making.

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