Website copy is important, because not only does it get your business message across, but the words you use can help your website rank higher than your competitors.

Whether your website is vast, or you have just a handful of pages; whether your’re a huge Ecommerce business, or a one man band, your website is your shop window. It’s your opportunity to show potential customers what you do, your values, how you will help them, and why you stand out above the rest.

How it works:

It all starts with a conversation, either face-to-face, or on the phone where I’ll find out more about your copywriting needs. We’ll discuss:

  • Your business goals – Who are you and what do you do? What are your values and your digital goals?
  • Your customer persona – I’ll help you think about a persona who sums up your audience, so we know who we’re producing content for
  • Your competitors – what are they doing well and not so well?
  • What you want from me – whether its website copy, landing pages, blog articles or downloadable content, we’ll come up with a plan of action

Writing for the web

Writing for the web is a far cry from writing printed material. Not only should website content be informed by keyword research, it should also be written with the modern browser in mind. Online we scan pages quickly, often on our phones, and so website copy-writers need to produce copy accordingly.

When writing for the web, I follow these rules:

  • Lots of white space – this helps to keep pages uncluttered
  • Big headings – to catch people’s eye
  • A short synopsis – sum up what you want to say….
  • …then comes the detail
  • Images – to break up the text, and add a bit of style
  • A call-to-action to finish –  what do you want people to do next?

If any of this appeals to you, let’s chat. Get in touch for a free consultation!