Whether you’re a big business, or a one-man-band, blogging is a sure-fire way of improving traffic to your website.

Not only does it show your website visitors that you have your finger on the pulse, but it also demonstrates to search engines that you’re active, and therefore worthy of more kudos in their rankings.

How it works

Whether you’d like a one-off article or for me manage your whole blogging campaign (2 articles a week), it starts with a chat, either face-to-face or by phone. We’ll discuss:

  • Your business goals – who you are and what you do, and how blogging fits in
  • Your audience – by understanding your target persona, we can get the tone, content and style right for your blog
  • What you want to achieve – How will you measure the success of your blog?
  • What you want from me – I can offer you a one-off article, a bundle of ten, or manage and produce your entire blogging campaign

To find out more, let’s chat!